By Minister LaTrece Davis

“As I stood at the window of my house looking out through the shutters, watching the mindless crowd stroll by, I spotted a young man without any sense arriving at the corner of the street where she lived, then turning up the path to her house. It was dusk, the evening coming on, the darkness thickening into night.

Just then, a woman met him-she’d been lying in wait for him, dressed to seduce him. Brazen and brash she was, restless and roaming, never at home, walking the streets, loitering in the mall, hanging out at every center in town. She threw her arms around him and kissed him, boldly took his arm and said:

‘I’ve got all the makings for a feast- today I made my offerings, my vows are all paid, so now I’ve come to find you, hoping to catch sight of your face- and here you are! I’ve spread fresh, clean sheets on my bed, colorful imported linens. My bed is aromatic with spices and exotic fragrances. Come, let’s make love all night, spend the night in ecstatic lovemaking! My husband’s not home, he’s away on business, and he won’t be back for a month.’

Soon she has him eating out of her hand, bewitched by her honeyed speech. Before you know it, he’s trotting behind her, like a calf led to the butcher shop, like a stag lured into ambush and then shot with an arrow, like a bird flying into a net not knowing that its flying life is over.

So, friends, listen to me, take these words of mine most seriously. Don’t fool around with a woman like that; don’t even stroll through her neighborhood. Countless victims come under her spell; she’s the death of many a poor man. She runs a halfway house to hell, fits you out with a shroud and a coffin.” Proverbs 7: 6-27

Growing up, my dad would always take me fishing with him. He’d put the worm on the line for me and then throw that line into the water. There I’d sit, waiting to catch me a fish! Now let’s consider what’s going on in that water. That fish can sense and smell that bait. All it knows is “I want that worm!” But what it doesn’t know is that attached to that worm is a hook that’s meant to take it out of its environment. That worm, no matter how good it may look, smell, or even may taste will be the death of that fish!

Some things can seem good to your senses, but are not good for you. Just think of the young man mentioned in Proverbs 7. This temptress had been lying in wait for him and was dressed to seduce him! So obviously, she had been watching him, finding out all the things he liked. How else would she have known how to dress in order to seduce him? She was the bait that lured him into death. She used everything that appealed to his senses: she dressed to seduce him (sense of sight), she threw her arms around him and kissed him (sense of touch and taste), her bed was aromatic with spices and exotic fragrances (sense of smell), and her honeyed speech (sense of hearing). Romans chapter 8 tells us that to be carnally minded is death. But what exactly is a carnal mind? A carnal mind is sense and reason with out the Holy Spirit. Now this temptress didn’t tempt his spirit but she appealed to the senses of his flesh. Now had he been walking after the Spirit, he would have heeded the warnings the Spirit of God was giving him. He would have done like Joseph did and flew out of that situation.

Same thing goes for us! Just because something or someone may appeal to our flesh, does not mean we should just yield to it. Just like that fish, all that Satan will show you is the bait but never the hook attached to the bait! We’ve got to stop believing we are smarter than God when He gives His warnings! We have to stop thinking we can handle temptations on our own! We also have to stop trying to make friends with the enemy or thinking he‘s trying to be friends with us! Satan is not trying to make friends with us! His agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy. We’ve got to obey God at all costs! We shouldn’t allow the enemy’s distractions or temptations to entertain us and we shouldn’t be entertaining them either. Stay in the Light! Be the Light! Stay in the word of God because His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. God’s word will help you to watch your step and help you to avoid the traps and snares set by the enemy.

Minister LaTrece Davis was born and raised in New Jersey but now resides in the state of Georgia. She was ordained a minister of the gospel March 2012 by her spiritual parents, Pastors Emilio and Vahlia Drakes of Christian Ambassadors Worship Center International (Turnersville, NJ). She is founder of SALT Ministries and is currently in the process of writing and publishing her first book.

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