Sin is something God doesn’t like at all! We shouldn’t do any bad things if we want to go to heaven. God said don’t sin, and if we do that, are we good people? No! We are just being sinners in God’s eyes. In our eyes maybe yes, we are sinners, maybe no, we are not sinners, but it doesn’t matter because God is seeing us all day, and all night.

Young children God is calling us! Our parents went through things too and don’t think they had a better life. They might have had a worse life than you are having and maybe they want your life to be better than the life they had. Your parents love you and they might show it in a way we think is harsh but they want the best for us.

All the parents out in the world if you have sinned please do these steps; ask God to forgive your sins, ask Him to take over your life, have faith, and believe that Jesus died on the cross for you and rose on the third day.

Just remember this; we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. So that means, we don’t have to sin!

Danté DeShawn Savage
Age 10


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