Children do you thank GOD for your life? – – I do.

Life is perfect even if you are poor or with no house. In that moment pray to GOD and He will help you with your life. Ask the LORD to help you. All the people are from GOD and JESUS. One of the commands is to always believe in God so believe in God and simply pray. Just believe and pray to God then God and Jesus will help you with your problem.

In the book of Mark chapter 5 in the Holy Bible, there was a woman who had a disease that doctors couldn’t fix or help her. But, she knew that if she touched Jesus’ robe, she would be healed, so that is what she did. She touched Jesus’ robe and she was healed! Jesus wanted to know who touched His robe because He felt power go out of Him. The woman told Jesus that she touched Him and why. She knew that He could help her. Jesus said she is healed and to go in peace.

WOW! See how HE can cure bad things! WE should sing songs like JOY TO THE WORLD or OH, COME ALL YE FAITHFULL. These are songs we can sing to praise and glorify God and Jesus.

Danté DeShawn Savage
Age 9


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