James and Colleen Guskjolen

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James and Colleen are in their thirty-third year of ministry with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

During this time James has served on a variety of national and international committees and has held several elected offices within the PAOC. He has been a pastor, church planter and District Superintendent in Saskatchewan and a missionary to the island nation of Seychelles. He currently serves the PAOC as Regional Director of missions in Latin America and Caribbean and as a member of the General Executive Committee and International Missions Committee.

James and Colleen have traveled extensively throughout the world to teach and strengthen ministry leaders and women through ministry, leadership seminars, retreats and conferences with a Biblical focus. He has also developed the Pastoral Theology course and served as an Adjunct Faculty member of Horizon College and Seminary.

James has a passion to position people to engage the Call of God upon their lives, gain a biblical understanding of missions and stewardship and encounter a greater intimacy with the Lord. He is motivating the Latin American/Caribbean Church to reach the unreached world for Christ.

Colleen has a call to ministry and the marketplace where she has been involved in the banking industry for many years. Colleen has a passion and desire to see women everywhere grow to fulfill their personal destiny.

James and Colleen are passionate about ministry families, possess a deep love for God’s Word and worship that fully expresses pleasure in our Creator. Their message challenges us to intimacy with the Father and to faith and courage in our service to our Savior.

James and Colleen have been married 33 years and enjoy 2 grandkids as often as they can.

Pioneering Transformation.

James and Colleen



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  1. Tom Sealy says:

    May God continue to bless you both in a supreme way.


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