How Servant-Leaders Think

Source: How Servant-Leaders Think

I’m grateful beyond words for the godly heritage God gave me. Two incredible parents who loved God and served Him tirelessly set an amazing example for me.

They raised me with a strong biblical sense of right and wrong, but somewhere along the way I translated that into seeing people as right or wrong.

In recent years, God has done extensive work on my heart and mind regarding how I view people. I no longer paint them with broad strokes, but instead appreciate that each person has a story that has brought them to where they are. There are valid reasons for why they think the way they do and behave the way they do. We’re all works in progress.

Every person is right about some things and wrong about some things. None of us gets it right every time.

Embracing that truth frees us from being judgmental, harsh, and dismissive.

That doesn’t make the wrong things okay, it means we choose to love people where they are, knowing we aren’t perfect either. We have received grace from God and we want to receive grace from others, so we give grace.

It also means we pray for people, love them, and do what we can to help, guide, and encourage.

Servant-leaders draw people to Jesus, not by always telling them what’s “right” but by consistently showing them who He is.

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