God Sister

How powerful is GOD? Nobody knows but, God himself. We love God very much and we should always love Him. I love God and you should too. To learn about him like I am learning, we should follow Jesus in His ways. Be like Him so your life can be better.

And here’s my testimony…there’s a girl named Lucero and she’s from an orphanage. I said to God that I wanted a sister, He heard me and Lucero is now my new sister and I am very happy! GOD provided this for me so we have a new member in the family.

I have another testimony…a kid in invited me over to his house, but he plays a lot of shooting games so I told him I could not play shooting games and he told me to lie. I said no I would not lie to my parents. I then asked why are you playing shooting games? It is inappropriate for us kids to do all that killing and fighting. He said but he sees it every day and I asked do you? He said no and he thought about what was said and told me ‘hey you’re right”. He then said that he would like to spend time with me playing other games.

Always follow God no matter what He tells you. This was the path that we took.

Danté DeShawn Savage
Age 9


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