Brittany DeVries :: Advocate/Film Producer/Mom

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Advocate/Film Producer/Mom

A resident of Panama since 2008, Brittany DeVries lives with her husband and two small children. Through volunteer work at a local orphanage she became aware of the challenges children in institutions face. In May 2012 to support legislative change Brittany produced a short documentary QUERIDO PANAMA, or DEAR PANAMA, with Voice for the Voiceless & Grassroots News. With no previous filmmaking experience Brittany was surprised when the short won an award for “Film Content.”

Seeing the opportunity to use TV and film as a way to plant ideas and promote change Brittany began Seedling Media Productions. She is currently working on several projects to continue to raise awareness for the rights of children. Passionate about every child’s right to family-based care Brittany was recently appointed the Panama Director for the NGO Hope for the Nations. It is her dream to see widespread legislative and structural reforms throughout Latin America through the use of media and film.

“At the end of the day I’m just an average mom who decided to take a risk and be the change I wanted to see.”

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