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Mama C’s – A Little Taste of Heaven…

Alcides and Amanda Correa are a happily married Christian couple, the owners of an expanding baking ministry/business, Mama C’s, and the doting parents of three beautiful children; Arianna, Antonio, and Alex. They are currently living in Panama City, Panama due to their obedience to honor the will of the Lord.

Amanda, born and raised in Denver, Colorado is currently blessed to be a “Stay at Home Mom” with their children, while also running their ministry from home. Her days are full of flour, butter, sugar, laughing, crying, hugging, and LOTS of questions!!! While she will not argue with you that being at home is TOUGH sometimes, she would also say that she is grateful and blessed to be able to be at home and a mom FULL time! She too, is excited and driven with the new opportunities the Lord has opened up since their relocation to Panama.

Alcides is a native of Panama, who is currently working at Dell in the Panama Pacific area, and he is helping to manage the couples’ ministry. What was a pastime for Amanda with baking homemade cookies and banana bread for the family, has now turned into an expanding business. The couple is looking to the Lord for His guidance with this expansion and opportunity that He has provided. Alcides is a loving husband, and a proud, invested father seeking to guide his kids in the way of the Lord and raise them with Christian principles and values. He is thankful daily for the family the Lord has given him, and he continues to persevere in knowing and fulfilling His purpose in which the Lord has called him. He is also a big kid at heart!

The couple met and married in Colorado. After about two years of marriage, they were unexpectedly, under the Lord’s will, relocated to Panama. While this transition has been extremely hard (to say the very least) Alcides and Amanda have understood the Lord’s hand in all of this, as He has revealed many reasons in which He moved them to Panama; Spiritual growth being the biggest. They will testify to the Lord’s greatness as He has given them many testimonies through this experience.

Since their move to Panama, the couple has attended Christian Mission of Panama, pastored by Dr. Alejandro Douglas and his wife Dr. Leticia de Douglas. They are grateful for the support, love, and guidance that they immediately received from their new pastors, and church family. Since joining their church Alcides has become the lead translator from Spanish to English. As Alcides has a passion for Christ, and evangelizing the Gospel, he is proud to be a part in the communication of translating the Word of God every Sunday.

The Correas have also built a fabulous network of friends and family, their children have become bilingual (Amanda is working on her Spanish), they have grown in their marriage and individually. A ministerial opportunity has surfaced and evolved, and most importantly, they have drawn closer to the Lord. This experience has and continues to show them how important it is to trust in the Lord’s will, to accept and move forward with His guidance, the power of prayer and that sometimes the hardest changes bring about the most rewarding results!

Their motto for this year is “God First. First Class!”



2 Responses to “Amanda/Alcides Correa::Mama C’s”
  1. Jim Smith says:

    Just a quick note for Alcides and Amanda. I am the proud father of Amanda. I am so very proud to both Alcides and Amanda. They have overcome and they still have some hurdles to jump but they both have the Lord on their hearts and he will guide them. Their family is guided by a strong man in Alcides. I just want them to know how much I love them and miss them. Dad

    • Thank you Dad for your Love and Support!

      Just want to let you know that we appreciate all that you do for us and I am proud to say that I have the best father-in-law in the World (From the bottom of my heart) and I know Mandy feels the same way about you as a father.

      We Love and miss you very much and the Kids send hugs and Kisses!

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