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Spiritual Gardens

This edition of Ambassadors for Christ radio will begin a new discussion of Pulling Weeds and Planting Seeds while maintaining our Spiritual gardens. As we align ourselves with the Lord’s will, we must not continue to engage in Thanksgiving and elaborate on Thanksgiving and cultivate our gardens. Think about what God’s plan is for your life and the condition of your spiritual garden. Are you pulling those weeds that are spreading like gangrene ruining your garden? Are you planting those seeds and nurturing it to its fruition? Even though we are proud of our spiritual gardens…do you think that God is equally proud of our gardens? Do you honestly believe that our Lord is pleased with your spiritual garden? In Genesis 9:16, our Lord states “When I look and see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the agreement that continues forever. I will remember the agreement between me and every living thing on the earth” (ERV).

We pray you join this session and reflect upon how we can continue to walk with our Lord and ensure our Spiritual garden reflects the beauty of His rainbow. Cultivating and nurturing seeds to grow those fruits in our garden to reflect His glorious grace is a blessing! Praise His Name!

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