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God’s Promise to Noah

On this edition of Ambassadors for Christ Radio Spiritual hour, we discuss God’s promise to Noah. God is our strength in any given situation and we must lean on Him to survive. As issues rise, know that God rises higher to protect His children. In our feeling of being overwhelmed, know that God can recede any troubled waters in your life.God’s unconditional love is simply amazing! He provided for Noah and His family. God promised Noah, according to Genesis 9:11 “This is my promise to you: All life on the earth was destroyed by the flood. But that will never happen again. A flood will never again destroy all life on the earth” (NIV).

Our Lord promised Noah that He will not flood the earth again. That promise is our promise! The Word of God reveals that He will put a rainbow in the clouds as proof as His agreement that He will not flood the earth again (Genesis 9:13). Despite how your situation seem, know that there is promise in God that you are wonderfully made and protected. Make a choice to focus on the rainbows in all situations.

Please join this end of month children’s edition. We will discuss God’s promise to Noah. We will share the promise made and how it applies to you. Respect our Father and obey His commands. Keep Him proud of you as you follow His ways. You are as beautiful as the rainbow the Lord created. Praise His Name!

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