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Lord’s Covenant with Abram

On this edition of Ambassadors for Christ Radio Spiritual hour, we discuss our Lord’s Covenant with Abram. During our daily lives, we may feel unprotected or exposed based on our situation. The human impulse is to seek immediate shelter (whatever that may be) or get in a defensive mode to fight back. In every situation and occasion, we must seek God’s face and focus on His will for our lives. “The word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward” (Genesis 15:1, NIV).

Please join this edition of Ambassadors for Christ Radio as discuss our Lord’s Covenant with Abram. Whatever situation you are confronting, whatever shortcomings we may experience, turn to God and let Him use you to shed His light into that situation. Do not pursue earthly rewards that only feed the flesh temporarily. Seek guidance from our Permanent Lord as He is greater than any earthly thing we choose to settle for. Praise the Lord!

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