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Danté DeShawn Savage, age 10, son of Ministers Shawn and Caroline Savage is an internet radio show co-host spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Danté also writes Christian articles for children which are located on the Ambassadors For Christ Radio (www.AmbassadorsForChristRadio.com). He has works published in the books Mourning Morning and Profound Poets.

Danté makes guest appearances on Christian Discipleship Ministries TV (www.christiandiscipleshipministries.com/onlinetv/) to promote from a child’s perspective, the Word of God, and how children can lean on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to strengthen them. Danté has also been a guest for a radio interview on the Alive in Christ network (www.AliveinChristRadio.com).

On Sunday mornings at 9am Pacific Time, 12 noon Eastern Time, you can tune into Ambassadors For Christ Radio (www.AmbassadorsForChristRadio.com) to listen to him during the Spiritual Hour glorifying our Heavenly Father. God is truly amazing all the time as we obey and follow His Will! Praise the Lord!



2 Responses to “A Child’s Spirit :: Book”
  1. Dante DeShawn Savage is all about his Father’s business. This young man is filled with the Holy Spirit. Each word is God-breathed.
    Minster(s) Shawn and Caroline you have applied Proverbs 22:6 and for that you both must be applauded, Dante’s book should be a part of your Children’s Church or Sunday School Library and you already don’t have a copy, what are you waiting for?
    The book is bilingual, English/Spanish and written from a child’s perspective. Like God, Dante is truly amazing!

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