Do You Have Faith?

Dear children do you have faith?

Well I do have faith. Faith is powerful to God and Jesus.

One day an angel named Gabriel came down from heaven to see Mary. Gabriel said to Mary you are going to have a son. But Mary said I am not married. That’s not having faith in God. But that’s how Jesus was born on earth. When Jesus was a little kid like us He was teaching teachers in the school!

There is another story I love to tell. The name of the story is a changed man in the bible and you can find it in Acts 9:1-19. Saul did not like Jesus’ followers. One of the most important commands that God put on earth was to love your neighbor at all cost. Did Saul follow the command? No, Saul did not follow the command and nobody liked Saul. After a while, Saul changed his act and God changed Saul’s name to Paul. People liked him, they were pleased with him, and no more was his life miserable.

Do you see how God and Jesus can work in people’s lives when you turn it over to Him and His beautiful kingdom?

Danté DeShawn Savage
Age 9


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